Edtex Batiks is a textile manufacturing company based in Tema, Ghana.  It is a limited liability company  registered  in the year 1998.

The main product of the company is batik fabric, for both local and export fashion industry. The company also produces, using batik fabric, soft furnishing products such as curtains, wall pictures, tablecloths, table runners and placemats with matching napkins, as well as fashion accessories such as bags, purses, pouches, aprons, oven gloves and wine sacks.

Being a quality driven company, Edtex insists on quality raw materials and in-house designs to ensure the delivery of durable, innovative and unique products that its customers expect.

In hiring staff, enthusiastic and creative people are attracted and are continually trained to develop their creativity and skills. The company therefore has the right compliment of high performing, well compensated creative staff in place who work in environmentally friendly surroundings. The company employs mainly women from the local community.

The Managing Director Edwina Assan, a Textile Designer by profession, has several years experience and has had extensive training in management, which is how she has managed to develop the company to the size it is today.

The future plans of the company is to move its production base to a rural community where it will “GO GREEN” by using natural dyes, solar energy, grow the herbs and vegetables that will be processed and used for dyeing and develop a recycling facility that will process the waste water to add on to our ethical values.

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  • Edtex seeks to be a market leader in the textile industry, using environmentally friendly raw materials, within a safe industrial establishment, with the aim of satisfying the niche market with authentic, customized, hand-made and machine printed fabrics

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  • The mission of Edtex is
    • To proactively innovate and promote authentic African designs.
    • To design, produce and sell hand-made and customized printed fabric, soft furnishing and fashion accessory products.
    • To continuously invest in the development of employee skills and creativity.
    • To participate in the development of the local community that it has its factory.



Edtex values integrity, personal excellence and continual self-improvement of staff. It is also committed to satisfying its customers’ needs.

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  1. Designing: Edtex custom designs for some of its customers, for mass production.
  2. Internship for students.
  3. Training: The company runs batik training workshops for various associations, such as cross-cultural groups, refugees and Religious organisations.

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Edtex  Limited has a variety of well labeled and competitively priced fabrics, Table cloths, shopping bags just to mention a few.

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One can purchase any item of their choice from the available stock and can pay with local currency or any international currency.

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Special orders can be made, but this is only possible when prior notice is given.

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